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We believe that every IDEA in its journey from inception to execution, follows the process of THC, which is THINK - HEED - CREATE.
To further elaborate, we as humans process the inception & execution of an IDEA in the following way:

We THINK continuously about everything all the time.
We pay HEED to the thoughts which we feel are important.
We CREATE the thoughts which we pay heed to. THCnow About Us

We at THCnow believe that the above ideology is what we as humans follow, in anything that we do.
We repeatedly THINK HEED & CREATE. This ideology is behind the name of the company and the services which it provides.


THCnow is headed by a core team of two mad geeks, who love what they do; in and for Information Technology.

THCnow with its increasing team members provides a host of Designing, Development and Consulting services, to clients so that brands can make the most of their online campaigns, websites and web services.

The core members of THCnow share a diverse experience in the field of Information Technology due to their Geek background. The core members have been active participants in using, analyzing and developing on the internet right from the time when the internet was accessed by a 14.4k dial-up modem connecting to the TCP/IP network. At this point the core members themselves were 10 years old.

As the internet grew, so their knowledge, interaction and perception evolved as they increasingly associated themselves with various commercial and underground online communities built and run by people from all across the world. The increased interaction and the vision of the possibilities for a better world with faster, better and smarter solutions lead them to start with their venture to build better web solutions for people and use the self generated funds through client servicing to build and launch their intellectual properties.


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