Online shopping made easy.

E-commerce is increasingly gaining popularity and acceptance as multiple businesses and consumers are being accustomed with the ease and convenience it has to offer. E-commerce can be used for

1. Selling products to consumers
2. Selling products to businesses
3. Selling services to consumers and businesses
4. Online bill payment
5. Tender Filing and Payment
6. Service exchange websites with escrow systems

THCnow Services : E-Commerce Development

Our custom e-commerce solutions power your online shop with

1. Product Catalogs
2. Shipping Management

3. Testimonials
4. Product Review and Rating modules
5. Shop Administration 
6. Multiple Payment Modules

We will also guide you on how to purchase a business account from paypal, ccavanue and other payment gateway providers to accept payment online. We provide you with instructions on how to purchase an SSL certificate and we implement SSL protection on your website for a safe shopping experience.